Standard League Rules and Regulations


As an LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore Chapter, we are free to draft our own rules and regulations for our member golfers as well as the responsibilities of League Captains.  Each season, there could be changes to numbers of leagues offered; the day, times or locations of league play; and change in League Captains. League Captains are volunteers who dedicate their time and energies to make each golfer’s experience a positive one. Please respect your fellow golfers and the Captains by adhering to the general rules and regulations for ALL leagues.


  1. Each new season, it is the Captain’s responsibility to touch base with the Pro at their course(s) to confirm dates, times, and prices for the upcoming season. If a pre-golf clinic is offered, we suggest no more than 30 minutes prior to play, confirm price for the clinic, as well as minimum number of ladies required. No special rates/accommodations for personal golf play will be requested or accepted by any League Captain.


  1. Any desired changes to league play from year to year must be brought to the attention of the Director of Golf Programs, who will then bring to the Chapter Board for approval.


  1. Each league Captain will create a Welcome letter that provides specific information about the league play, as well as rules pertinent to the league. Once you have your league list, you can create your Evite. When you send the first Evite, ask your members to respond so that you know you have their correct contact information. If a player doesn’t respond you should email or call her to be sure she has received the Evite the first time.


  1. All LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore handouts to league members will include a copy of the LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore logo.


  1. Every year, there is a Kickoff event in April and an End of Season Celebration in September. The league fee includes the End of Season Celebration (excluding alcohol).


  1. Some of our leagues require an official handicap. The handicap index for 18-hole golfers must be 35 or below; the handicap index for 9-hole golfers must be 20 or below, and all indexes must be current. Even though we offer some lesser competitive leagues that do not require a handicap, we encourage all members to keep track of their scores during golf play and develop a handicap using the LPGA Amateurs handicap system. If you need further information about handicaps, please contact our Handicap Chairperson, Ellen Davies, at 410-430-4746 or email:


  1. You can use USGA equitable score to record your 9- or 18-hole play. USGA equitable scores are shown below. If you choose to pick up at double par, you cannot record this score in your EWGA handicap system unless it would be your actual equitable score. For example, if your handicap index is 32.4, your equitable score is 9. If the Par is 4 and you pick up at 8, then you must record a 9 in the USGA system. You cannot record an 8. We encourage you to use the USGA handicap system to record your round. By keeping pace of play you can accomplish the same goal as picking up at double par!

If your Course Handicap is:

Maximum Score per Hole

9 or less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or more



  1. If your fun league allows you to move the ball to improve a lie, you cannot record this golf score in the handicap system. In order to post a score in the handicap system, it is strongly encouraged that you follow the USGA Rules of Golf.


  1. Guest policy - Each player can bring guests (with approval from Captain). The same guest may not play more than 2 times during the season. After 2 times, this same guest can join LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore in order to continue playing in the league. Guests must adhere to the Handicap requirement for the league. There are some courses offering a limited number of tee times. In these cases, priority is given to LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore members and Captains can deny a guest request.


  1. Please adhere to the LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore cancellation policy that your league Captain has set forth in the Welcome Letter. If a league player cancels without notification to a Captain or the course, a warning will ensue. Upon the third warning, the player will be dropped from the league.


  1. Rain policy - Light rain...we will golf! If there is lightning or a heavy downpour, golf will be canceled. If in doubt, call the course. A decision to cancel will be made prior to the first tee-off on the day of golf.


  1. League prizes - There will be one end of season prize. If a league averages >30 players/week, that league will be eligible for 2 prizes. League Captain(s) decides what the requirements are to be eligible for end of season prize – a player would need to play 50% of the season (7 of 13 weeks; 6 of 12). Some leagues will do a point system; others will do gross/net. We have had leagues award for lowest putts. It’s up to the Captain and spelled out in your Welcome letter. Travel leagues offering 9 and 18 holes are considered 2 separate leagues for prizes. Captains will keep track of 9-hole players separately from 18-hole players. Eligibility for a prize is golf play from the first week in June through the last week in August (official season).


  1. It is important to respond to the weekly Evite(s) that you receive. Week to week league play will be on a first come, first serve basis as some leagues offer a set number of tee times. All leagues are open for signup throughout the season. We have no maximum league membership.


  1. LPGA Amateurs strongly encourages each chapter to provide networking opportunities to its members. Toward this goal, we ask that you DO NOT REQUEST to play with any particular member during league play. Each week, our league captains or the course Pro develops the foursomes, so that players have an opportunity to meet different players. Please respect this request. There are additional opportunities at our monthly golf socials and member/guest socials to request to play with a player of your choosing.


  1. Please read the monthly e-newsletters as well as this website to learn about all of the Chapter socials and events.